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Magnetic Particle

Pro-Surve Technical Services offers Magnetic Particle Testing of Ferromagnetic Materials. Testing can be accomplished either during fabrication of equipment, or testing for service induced flaws or monitoring of repairs. It is a cost effective, simple, fast, and generally the most reliable NDT method for detecting surface and near surface discontinuities.Magnetic Particle testing can be done with either dry or wet particles as the testing medium for the visible method. The dry method is more portable, while the wet fluorescent testing medium is generally more sensitive and requires an ultraviolet light.


  • Can detect both surface and near subsurface indications.
  • Can inspect parts with irregular shapes easily.
  • Pre-cleaning is not as critical as for some other inspection methods.
  • Fast method of inspection and indications are visible directly on the specimen surface.
  • Considered low cost compared to many other NDT techniques.
  • Very portable inspection especially when used with battery powered equipment.

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