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Positive Material Identification

Positive Material Identification (PMI) is the analysis of a metallic alloy to establish composition by reading the quantities by percentage of its constituent elements. Typical methods for PMI include X-ray fluorescence (XRF) and optical emission spectrometry (OES).

Pro-Surve Technical Services offers Positive Material Identification as one of our Specialty Testing services. Verification of proper materials has become a major concern in industry due to failures that have occurred over to the years attributed to this problem. We have highly trained and experienced Technicians performing PMI Testing.


XRF Analyzer – We use portable hand held instruments that work on the principle of “X-Ray Fluorescence” to identify specific alloys. These instruments are fast, lightweight, and very accurate.

OES Spectrometer – If your job specification requires identifying the specific carbon content in alloy material we can do this by using an instrument that works on the principle of “Optical Emission Spectrometry”. This instrument induces an arc on the surface of the metal and analyzes the emission of the burn to determine the breakdown of the various alloy elements.

We provide a full range of professional and economical services. Whether it’s high-volume production, or testing individual large and complex objects, we offer quick turn-around and a high degree of reliability. Contact us for details and pricing.

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