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Industrial Radiography is one of the largest volume services we provide at Pro-Surve Technical Services, it is a nondestructive testing (NDT) method of inspecting materials for hidden flaws by using the ability of short wavelength electromagnetic radiation (high energy photons) to penetrate various materials.

We use radioactive isotopes which produce gamma radiation in a controlled environment which exposes film and produces a negative image. This method can be used to judge the quality of welding as well as identifying erosion/corrosion wall loss in pressure and process equipment.


Conventional Radiography – Utilizes typical industrial grade film and is processed in portable darkrooms that can accommodate customer requirements in remote locations. We also have vault facilities that can be used to radiograph small production parts such as welder qualification coupons at our facility.

Digital Radiography – This method uses the same techniques as conventional radiography except phosphorous screens are used to expose an image. The image is then downloaded and transferred as a digital image on a computer. This technique has proven to be very useful in detecting erosion/corrosion and measuring remaining wall thickness on small bore piping up to 8” diameter using IR-192 or up to 16” diameter using Co-60. The wall thickness is measured on the computer screen using an electronic measuring tool along with a precise comparator that has proven to be extremely accurate.

We provide a full range of professional and economical services. Whether it’s high-volume production, or testing individual large and complex objects, we offer quick turn-around and a high degree of reliability. Contact us for details and pricing.

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